2023 Price List (from 1st January 2023)

At Greendrift Wills we believe in transparent and fair prices and so the fixed fee agreed with you in writing at the start is what you will be charged, as long as your requirements remain unchanged.

Single Standard Will
Pair of Standard Mirror Wills£220 (two substantially similar Wills for a couple)

The vast majority of Wills fall into the ‘standard’ category above. However, if we consider your requirements to be either exceptionally simple or exceptionally complex, we will confirm this at the outset, and apply the following fees:
Single Simple Will – £90                   
Pair of Simple Wills – £150

Single Complex Will – £180              Pair of Complex Wills – £300
(a ‘complex Will’ may include, for example, 10 or more beneficiaries or individual gifts, and/or complex business interests, foreign domicile status, or a high net worth estate)

These are Wills which are drafted to include one or more Will Trusts, such as a Life Interest (“Property Protection”) Trust to help protect your share in a property.

  • PPT – Property Protection (Life Interest) Trust Will
    for an individual – £220
    for a couple – £350

  • VPT – Vulnerable / Disabled Person Trust Will
    for an individual – £200
    for a couple – £300

  • DT – Discretionary Trust, or FLIT – Flexible Life Interest, Trust Will
    for an individual – £250
    for a couple – £400

Should you require more than one Trust to be written into your Will then an additional £100 will be charged for each additional Will Trust, on top of the fee for the higher-priced Will Trust.

One LPA – [plus £82 court fee] –  £150
Two LPA’s  [plus 2 X £82 court fees] –  £200
All Four LPA’s for a Couple [plus 4 X £82 court fees] – £300
Fee for checking and registering an existing LPA – £50


  • Will Storage (using the Government’s Probate Service), per Will –  £35
  • Minor Revisions to an Existing Will – £50 (If previously drafted by Greendrift Wills)
  • Severance of a Joint Tenancy on a Property –  £50

Greendrift Wills do not ask for any upfront payment or deposit, and we won’t invoice you until we have completed drafting your document(s) and you have signed-off the final version.  Payment can then be made either online by credit/debit card or by bank transfer, or, alternatively, both cheque and cash payments are accepted; please pay your invoice within 2 weeks of receiving it.