2024 Price List (from 1st January 2024)

At Greendrift Wills we believe in transparent and fair prices and the fixed fee agreed with you in writing is what you will be charged, unless your requirements change.

Single Standard Will
 – £185
Pair of Standard Mirror Wills – £285
(‘mirror’ Wills are two substantially similar Wills for a couple)

Most Wills fit our ‘standard’ category above but, if your estate is either very simple or exceptionally complex, the following fees may be applied:

Single Simple Will – £140                                                  Pair of Simple Mirror Wills – £220

Single Complex Will – £235                                            Pair of Complex Mirror Wills – £395
(a ‘complex Will’ might include for example; eight or more beneficiaries or specific gifts, complex business interests, foreign property, or a high value estate; a ‘simple’ Will usually won’t include any property)

These are Wills which are drafted to include one or more of the following Will Trusts:

  • PPT –  Property Protection (Life Interest) Trust
  • VPT –  Vulnerable / Disabled Person’s Trust
  • DT   –   Discretionary Trust
  • FLIT –  Flexible Life Interest Trust

Single Trust Will – £325                                                                     Pair of Trust Wills – £485
(If more than one Trust is required within a Will, an additional £100 will be charged for each extra Trust)




One LPA –  £145
Two LPA’s –  £250
All Four LPA’s for a Couple £400

Please note that in the case of LPAs, there is also a Government Registration Fee on top of our charges shown above, which is payable to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) at £82 per LPA to be registered, unless you qualify for a reduction (or complete exemption) of the fee, based on a limited income or the receipt of certain benefits.

Checking and registering an existing LPA   – £75
Preparing a Partial Deed of Revocation for an existing LPA  – £75

General Power of Attorney (GPA) – £100
(can be useful whilst an LPA is awaiting registration, or for one-off decisions, but a GPA can no longer be used after the donor has lost mental capacity)

OTHER SERVICES (including Land Registry Applications)

  • Will Storage (one-off fee for arranging storage with the Probate Service / HMCTS) –  £40 per Will
  • Minor Revisions to an Existing Will; Single Will – £75, Pair of Mirror Wills – £100 (If previously drafted by Greendrift Wills & Estates)
  • Severance of a Joint Tenancy on a Property –  £75
  • Registering the death of a joint proprietor of a property – £75
  • Signing to witness / certify a document – £25

Home visits to clients living more than 25 miles from Letchworth may incur a travel supplement of a minimum of  £25 per visit, but you will always be advised of any additional costs before any work is carried out on your behalf.

Greendrift Wills & Estates do not ask for any upfront payment, and we won’t usually invoice you until we have completed drafting your document(s) and you have approved the final version.  Payment can then be made either online by credit/debit card or by bank transfer, or, alternatively, both cheque and cash payments are accepted; please pay your invoice within two weeks of receiving it.