Will Writing


  • Ensure the right people get the right things
  • Appoint people you trust to manage your affairs after death
  • Document your funeral plans
  • Appoint guardians for your Children
  • Help reduce, or even avoid, taxes
  • Avoid the intestacy rules, which would leave nothing for your life partner (unless you are in a marriage or civil partnership)


Having a Will is your opportunity to have a full say in how your money, property and personal belongings are shared out; and to appoint someone you trust to handle your affairs after you die.

Not having a Will means your loved ones may not be provided for as you wish them to be. It also risks leaving your loved-ones with the stress of sorting out family disputes and financial/legal issues that might otherwise have been avoided.

A Will is a legal document whose purpose is to set out your last wishes in crystal clear and legally water-tight terms; getting it right is important since mistakes can turn out to be as bad as having no Will at all…

This is why using a qualified Will Writer, backed up by a professional body such as the Society of Will Writers, makes sense.


Initial Contact
During our initial phone call and brief discussion we will book an appointment for taking detailed instructions. This will take place on a later date, either at your home, by telephone or online via Zoom. The instruction taking meeting must be thorough and cover in detail all relevant matters relating to your estate, personal and family circumstances, and what you hope to achieve. It will typically take between one and two hours.

Preparing for the Instruction Taking Meeting
After the initial phone call, we will despatch our Terms of Business document, and Confirmation Letter setting out the service(s) you have requested and the agreed price and timescales, and ask that you sign and return these before we proceed further.

We will also confirm the time/date of the instruction taking meeting, attach some information leaflets, and suggest some ‘Points to Consider’ beforehand.

Instruction Taking Meeting
During this meeting we will seek to explain and clarify any legal terminology and queries you may have, and to gather all the information we will need in order to accurately draft your Will, LPA or Trust documents.

Drafting & Signing Your Will
We will then send you a draft Will to check over and, after making any amendments which may be required, and when you are completely satisfied with the final document we will offer to visit you at home for the formal process of signing and witnessing your Will.

Safe Storage of Your Will
Included in our standard price is lifetime storage of your Will with the Government’s Probate Registry, and also registration with the National Will Register.  Once your original Will has been securely stored, we will send you the Probate Registry’s “Certificate of Deposit” together with a copy of your Will, which we  advise you put somewhere safe and inform your executor(s).

Regularly Reviewing Your Will
Many of us prepare Wills and then forget about them but it is important to review and update your Will to take into account changes in your personal and/or financial circumstances. An out of date Will may cause just as many problems as not having a Will at all. Did you know, for example, that marriage makes your Will null and void (unless it was made in contemplation of your forthcoming marriage) and divorce will render certain provisions ineffective.

A Will as Unique as You
All our Wills are bespoke legal documents tailored to meet your individual requirements

Face-to-Face or Online Appointments
Meet us in the comfort of your own home, or online using a smartphone, tablet/IPad, laptop or PC


Fixed Cost Service
All our prices are available on our website – for a standard Will we charge £140, and for a pair of standard ‘mirror’ Wills (for a couple) we charge £220, inclusive of storage. Will Trusts (to help avoid unnecessary taxes or to help protect your inheritance) and Lasting Powers of Attorney are also available for an additional fee.

Minor Updates to an Existing Will
In this digital age, we recommend that a brand new Will is drafted for even minor changes, rather than using a codicil (legal document attached to an existing Will) which itself must be signed and witnessed in exactly the same way as the Will itself. If Greendrift Wills drafted your current Will, then we would generally only charge £50 for such a revision (including returning the document to Probate Registry storage).



Without a valid Will your assets will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy, which are laid down in law and take no account of your wishes; and may even end up leaving everything to the State.


Without a Will you miss the opportunity to state your final wishes; perhaps a charitable, political or educational donation? gift to a close friend? bequest to a God child? Or legacy for a favourite niece /nephew?

Married Couples

Without a Will it is not certain that your spouse will inherit all your assets

Divorced or Separated

Without a Will you miss the opportunity to make clear whether or not you want your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner to benefit from your estate

Unmarried Couples

Without a Will your partner may not receive anything

Parents of Young Children

Without a Will you miss the opportunity to appoint guardians for your children, or to specify at what age they will receive their inheritance (between 18 and 25)

Standard Wills

In most cases, with relatively straightforward estates and financial affairs, a standard Will, which includes all the essential elements, is probably the right solution for you.

Complex Wills

If your estate contains, for example, foreign assets, business or farming interests, or high value and/or complex financial affairs, then a complex Will may be more appropriate.

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